Kate offers a professional one-to-one grooming experienceIntroducing Kate…

Hi, my name is Kate Barker and I am a City & Guilds qualified dog groomer.

My love of dogs has stemmed from my first real memory of learning to walk alongside our family pet, a Borzoi called Tammy, who was the kindest natured dog, assisting me in my first steps as a little girl.

My adult life has seen my love of animals and animal welfare grow and I cannot imagine a life without my dogs, cats and horses. It is certainly a case of love me love my animals for my family and friends!

After many years of working within the corporate sector I decided that it was about time that I changed my career and to work with my furry four legged friends. I enrolled at the College of Animal Welfare in Huntingdon where I attained my City & Guilds qualification in dog grooming. This included learning ‘First Aid’ for dogs.

My salon is situated in the village of Alconbury Weston, where I welcome my four legged visitors with open arms and I care for them as if they were one of my own! I make sure they are happy and like to see their wagging tails…

I share my life with Rosie Barker – a Jack Russell – Valgrays Molly, a Border Collie (rescued), horse Diva and Special Perk, an ex-racehorse who didn’t want to race! Love them all!


About Barker’s Pet Spa

A ‘one-to-one’ grooming experience, in calm and quiet surroundings in my grooming room, no other dogs, only your dog or dogs if you want to bring their house mate at the same time.

I want your dog to enjoy their time with me; no hurries, no worries, just relax!

Whether you have a new puppy, an oldie, a worker, a chilled out, busy busy can’t stop or a lap sitting kind of a dog; I can offer them the type of attention they require to ensure they have the groom that suits their needs and yours!

Please come and meet with me and see the calming environment of the grooming room at Barker’s Pet Spa.

The Animal Welfare Act 2007 lists the Five Freedoms – your responsibilities when caring for a pet:

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst by providing fresh water and the right amount of food to keep your pet fit

2. Freedom from discomfort by making sure that your pet has the right kind of environment including shelter and somewhere comfortable to rest

3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease by preventing your pet from getting ill and by making sure that pets are diagnosed and treated rapidly should they fall ill or suffer an accident

4. Freedom to behave normally by making sure that your pet has enough space and proper facilities

5. Freedom from fear and distress by making sure their conditions and treatment avoid mental suffering